sputter target 溅射靶材
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RISINGTECH MATERIAL has over 30 years' research and development experience in the ferrous and nonferrous metal materials fields, and at the same time, we have built a effective scientific research and production team in the new material field. 


Materials Custom Machining services


RISINGTECH MATERIAL has its own machining factory with various facilities and is able to produce all kinds of fabricated ferrous and non ferrous materials.


Materials Heat treatment services

There are full sets of various heat treatment furnance in RISINGTECH MATERIAL heat treatment factory with the capability up to 1m diameter work pieces. Risingtech material could supply heat treatment services of non ferrous materials and ferrous materials based on you requirements.


Materials Analysis and Testing
Equipped with ultra-high voltage electron microscope, high resolution transmitting electron microscope, scanning electron microscope, plasma mass spectrometer, ICP emission spectrometer, X ray diffract meter, X ray spectrometer and universal materials testing machine, RISINGTECH MATERIAL is the major authority for nonferrous metals analysis and testing center study on analysis methodology and standard formulating for metal materials??